About Us

Our Story

We enjoy a good idea; we love a great story. Beyond the day-to-day, it is the candid late-night conversations, the impromptu coffee breaks, and the deep-seated need for creativity that inspire a new day.

The world is our oyster, but it isn’t for many. Glaring gender gaps and social inequalities persist, climate change and political instability are prominent. Access to quality education, paid work, and decent health care is only enjoyed by a few. The truth is, we know we have to do something. Everyone has to.

After one too many ‘what-if’ talks; you know, the ones that get your blood pumping, mind racing, future thriving, yet never-realizing conversations, we wanted out. Out of the ‘what-ifs’ Out of the “maybe nots”.

Deep down, we all want to be a little bit wild, a little bit radical. We all want to build a connection, leave a footprint.

There are some who want to change, there are others who embrace the change, and there are those who create the change.


Social Impacted is a social impact consultancy that looks to co-create innovative solutions, facilitate positive movements, and enhance the impact that we collectively make. From inclusive digital transformation to circular economy, we help individuals and organizations facilitate initiatives that will push forth human-centric measures for the benefit of all.